Optimise leave administration

Get rid of a messy leave-management workflow. Automate your leave procedures and manage time-off from a single platform - our platform - hellohr.

Leave management

Accept or decline leave requests

View all leave requests submitted by employees and then accept or decline them. Users have the option of assigning different reviewers to different employees. Reviewers then have the access to review, accept and decline certain employees’ requests.

Employee self-service

Employee dashboard

Empower your employees and invite them to their very own hellohr dashboard. Here, they will be able to request time off, view leave outcomes and view their payslips. Do away with messy leave processes and procedures and take care of all things leave-related on a single system.

Leave policies

Customise and assign leave policies

Choose from our pre-loaded Department of Labour’s leave policies. Alternatively, create your own company-specific leave policies. Assign different leave policies to different employees. Set balances, accrual rates, and carry-over limits.

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