Redefining your Payroll

Complicated payroll is a thing of the past. Start your journey with hellohr and rethink your approach to running payroll.

Take initiative - take control.

Track allowances and deductions

Need to customise salaries?

Cater to all types of employees by adding additional income types, allowances and deductions. Don’t know how to record a driver’s distance? We got that covered. An employee took out a cash advance? Simply deduct it. Avoid overcomplicating salaries.

Send off payslips

Employees looking for their payslips?

Once you’ve finalised payroll, send off payslips to employees with the click of a button. Employees will receive their payslips via email and have the option of viewing their payslips on their own hellohr dashboard. In addition, managers and accountants receive EMP201 and variance reports!

3-step payroll

Seriously 3 steps

We mean it. Confirm your monthly salary amounts, confirm any leave taken and finalise payroll. Made a mistake? Simply edit your payroll and re-finalise. As Xero partners, your finalised payroll can be posted directly to your Xero journal.

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