Payroll for our accountants

Specifically-designed payroll for our qualified accountants and tax practitioners. Our aim is to optimise the entire payroll experience and workflow for our accountants. We provide HR payroll solutions that are reliable and compliant.

Concierge employee onboarding

We’ll do the migration for you

We’ll take care of your onboarding process to ensure a smooth, effortless, hassle-free migration.
All your client information and historical payrolls will be transferred from your old payroll system/tool to our hellohr app for you.

Client self-service

Give manager status

Set the kind of access business owners and employees have on the hellohr app. Invite individuals as employees, or as a manager. These managers will have access to employee information, payroll information, as well as running payroll.

Multiple clients/companies

Manage all your clients in one location

As an accountant, you will be able to add multiple companies - multiple clients - to your hellohr dashboard. Manage all your clients from one platform and easily alternate between them. Connect all your clients to Xero using our Xero integration.

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